We also offer our special rolls as vegetarian options. Among other things, we prepare delicious rolls with breaded vegetables stuffed with tofu or wrapped avocado.

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Orchidee (6pcs.)
vegetarian filling wrapped in fine avocado
9,80 € *
Asupalagarsu (6pcs.)
breaded asparagus with cream cheese
9,80 € *
Avocado (6 pcs.)
cucumber, egg, tofu, cream cheese, sesame
9,80 € *
Bean (6pcs.)
breaded vegetables, cream cheese wrapped in tofu
10,60 € *
Hourenso (6 pcs.)
breaded vegetables wrapped in spinach leaves
12,90 € *
Crunchy Yasaitame (6pcs.)
crispy stuffed with omelette, radish and avocado
13,80 € *
Futo Maki
stuffing with different vegetables
10,00 € *