Ura Maki (also called "rolled inside"), also called California Roll [or Inside Out Roll], are Hoso or Futo Maki, in which the rice is attached to the outside of the nori leaf and often very decorative with sesame seeds, chives or small, colored fish eggs is decorated. Source Wikipedia

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price / 6 pices
Surimi-California and Sesame (6 pcs.)
surimi, avocado, cucumber, with sesame
7,20 € *
Salmon-California and Sesame (6 pcs.)
salmon, avocado, cucumber, with sesame
8,50 € *
Salmon california with tobiko (6 pcs.)
8,50 € *
Tuna Rolls with Tobiko (6pcs.)
avocado, cucumber, tuna, fries
8,50 € *
Unagi Inside Out Tobiko (6pcs.)
eel, avocado, cucumber, fries
9,50 € *
Tuna Rolls with sesame seeds (6pcs.)
Avocado, cucumber, tuna
8,50 € *
Unagi Inside Out Sesame (6pcs.)
eel, avocado, cucumber
9,50 € *
California und Tobiko (6pcs.)
surimi, avocado, cucumber, with fries
7,20 € *
Hot Spicy Tuna
juicy tuna, spicy
10,00 € *
Hot Spicy Ebi
juicy shrimp, spicy
10,00 € *